Kafka Introduction


Kafka is an event streaming platform, which provides following possible functionalities

Wait, but what is an event ?

An event is any meaning information that needs to be sent across network. Basically it has 3 main properties

Each event is a part of a stream, called a Topic. We can think of a topic a sequence of updates for a specific purpose. For example price updates for stocks. It is encoded commonly using AVRO format.


Lets dissect thes uses in detail -

  1. Publish and Subscribe Events

Basics of a PubSub pattern can be seen anywhere on internet. We will not go into detail into it.

In Kafka world, publishers are called Prodcers and subscribers are called Consumers. Producers publish events on a Kafka topic and the same topic is subscribed by consumers.

Kafka Topics

Streams and KTables

Provides immutable DataProvides mutable data
Supports only inserts for new dataSupports insert, update and delete

Kafka Topics

Kafka Brokers

Kafka Consumer group

Kafka Stream Task

Global Tables

Fault Tolerance


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